Hello everybody!

Tis a week since our last drawing session of the year. We’ve had some amazing feedback from all of you – allow us to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU, so very much, for your continued support.

It’s been a huge year for us, expanding to London and training 4 new team members and talking to many, many more of you about collaborations and events. We love all of this! Do bear with us if we’re a little slower to respond – it’s not because we don’t love you 😉

Our final drawing session in Glasgow featured 3 live birds of prey from the Phoenix Falconry. This was a most amazing experience and we are planning much more for you with the birds. Big thanks to our birds Pilgrim, Princess and Kila – and keepers Adrian and Dan of course. We also made use of our new studio space on Eastvale Place which was a cosy joy. The event sold out and you’ve told us you enjoyed it! Hurraahhh! Do send us your pictures from the event and we shall post these on our Instagram page. There are a couple up already. Big up thanks to contributors.

The lovely pictures below were taken by Tian. You can see more of his work here.

Featured models: Beth + Erwin xx

DSC_8102 DSC_8062 DSC_8050 DSC_8015 DSC_8013 DSC_8007 DSC_8005 DSC_7988 DSC_7961 DSC_7936 DSC_7944 DSC_7926 DSC_7911 DSC_7917 DSC_7880