Hello my dears. Every year it creeps up on us, and every year, we are as unprepared as ever…! Our dear pals at Cabaret Voltaire are hosting some excellent events this August during the festival, and in the past, we have popped over to Studio 24, which we’ve learned has closed (gutted!)

Fortunately, we have friends in high (but more often than not, physically low) places. Whitespace Agency have very kindly offered us their venue space for the duration of the festival and we shall be hosting 4 exciting life drawing events right there for you! Whitespace is hidden away down under the castle…right next to Princes Street Gardens. It’s one of these places you may have walked past a thousand times, but never noticed. I visited last week and booked in our 4 festival dates.

agency life drawing festival

Whitespace’s awesome entrance neon!

agency life drawing festival


agency life drawing festival

Inside… Aye, it’s a giant glowing rubber!

So – as ever – we are rushed off our feet! But we will be doing our UTMOST best to entertain you for one evening out of each week in August. We hope you can get along to absorb some of what we have in store for you.

Capacity is LARGE. So please feel free to bring along friends, buy people tickets as a gift… We will not be turning anyone away. The more the merrier. You can also turn up and pay on the door as always, but if you book in advance we will have a better idea of how much booze and general gusto to bring with us.

Tues 1st August – 1/4 – DRAW – Watch your life drawings come alive!

This is something we’ve been wanting to try for a long time. The cool cats at Recoat made it possible last weekend in Glasgow. As part of their 10th Birthday, Recoat invited ATYN to host a drawing club in amongst artwork in their exhibition at The Lighthouse. Now THAT was fun. Take a look…

All The Young Nudes x Recoat from Toad’s Caravan on Vimeo.

70 of you came along and partook in some quality life drawing for 2 hours, at this iconic Glasgow building. The event was such fun and our models Deryck, Andy and Beth were fantastic. An animation and movement workshop followed on the Saturday and so we encouraged the models to follow a path over the duration of their posing sessions, working towards what was to come on Saturday.

The animation workshop went down a treat. 30 of you came through and sketched Sal, posing in sequence. Now this approach really tests your life drawing skills and requires you to use different materials, try different approaches and to work in a different way to what you will be used to… All our participants created an animation in 1 hour. Check out this group of animated sketches we put together —>

With our first session at The Fringe, our models will all be posing in sequence (there will still be varying timings), and you will be given the opportunity to photograph your work and project your animated life drawings, live, as we go along. Looking forward to this very much, please drop joanna@atyn.co.uk an email if you have any questions.

Click here to book tickets to 1/4 DRAW. Animate your life drawings!

We shall be posting more about 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4… Details TBC but you can find more on Eventbrite and Facebook if you’re dying to get booked up…

Thanks as always for your continued support sketchers. We’re having a ball! x