All the Young Nudes | Glasgow Central

Mondays | 8-10pm | Sloan’s

Welcome to All The Young Nudes Life Drawing Club – Central Glasgow!

We are life drawing, regular, dependable, on the cheap, for everyone.

Booze on tap, materials + drawing boards to borrow and super-skilled models to sketch.

Come on down to the longest-running, most laid-back life drawing club in Scotland.


Sketching starts at Sloans every Monday from 8-10pm

Doors open at 19:45 for the eager but you can swing by the pub anytime and wait with a beer in hand.

We take a 20 minute break at 8pm for the models and for you to chat about your drawings or to grab that all-important pint/glass of wine/herbal tea from the bar. Art is thirsty work.

What to expect

Line up in advance to ensure you get a good seat once we start sketching!

We provide boards and materials which you can help yourselves to – and return neatly at the end 😉

Sketch from you fancy.

Come and go as you please from the bar. Sometimes you’re just not feelin it….

We’ve got dedicated, weekly, curated musical playlist and models of varying shapes and sizes that pose.

The models switch it up between short and long poses and our team will let you who is posing and for how long.

Sketch, have fun, take it seriously, challenge yourself or be easy.

Show your drawings to other sketchers, the team, the models and instagram #alltheyoungnudes (all optional)

Tell the models they were awesome.

Sound good?

  • animation life drawing
  • life drawing with neuro trash at whitespace

Where to find the venue