Model Booker

Hiya models. How you doing?

Please use this form to book in to model if you are an existing model with ATYN. Please don’t book to work if we haven’t met you guys yet.  If you are new to ATYN, either with lots of modelling experience, or none at all, please register via our online form on the models page and drop an email if you have modelling experience.

For brand new models, please join us at one of our workshops, at which point we’ll email you and hope to meet you and get you modelling soon after that.

Once you have booked yourself in via this booker, you’ll receive an email confirming this. If you receive no confirmation, the booking has not been approved. You can now log in and check your schedule. Please bear with us as we aren’t able to confirm all model bookings as there are a lot of you.

We look forward to working with you!