Welcome all models, aspiring and experienced!

If we haven’t met, or you haven’t registered with us yet, please fill in the form below, thanks. We will then have your details on file.

Experienced but new (to ATYN) models: Please get in touch with Joanna directly to discuss your first booking.

Brand new models with no experience: Please await and email or keep an eye on the Facebook Page and Instagram for our next model training workshop.

ATYN models we know: Please use our Model Booker to book yourself in to work at ATYN in Glasgow or Edinburgh. Please leave 6+ weeks between bookings. You are only working if you receive a CONFIRMATION email and text from us. Please ensure you enter your details correctly.

We have to be flexible with the models and the sessions, so apologies and bear with us if your bookings are rejected on a regular basis. And please keep trying!