The All The Young Nudes Team

Thanks to these excellent folk, ATYN happens in lots of places, all over the country.

Tracey Millier-Radnall
Edinburgh Host

Tracey! Ain’t she fab? You’ll see her every Tuesday at Cab Vol with George. Feel free to ask her any drawing, design, book-binding related questions… and check out her excellent work here:

Sophie Spencer
Glasgow Host

Sophie started with us up in BrewDog in Aberdeen and has moved down to Glasgow so we were delighted to bring her on board at Sloans with Charli. Say hey-yo-hiya to Sophie, she’s a lovely lass.

Charli Summers
Glasgow Host

Charli has been working alongside Joanna at ATYN since we started at The Flying Duck in 2009. She works at Compass Gallery through the week and helps out most Monday nights. We’ve had and continue to have so much fun with you each week! Speak to Charli any Monday at nudes about art, drawing, events, your love life….

George Glover
Edinburgh Host

George has been helping out at ATYN for a good few years now. He is a writer, puppeteer, film-maker and camera man with a great eye for all things creative. Be sure to say hiya!

Life Model

Frank is Joanna’s beautiful lurcher and steps in to model regularly at our Sloans sessions. He’s kind of a chilled dude. Also goes by the names of: skin man, skinny boy, bean head, and Frankiestopbarking!


Joanna has been running ATYN in Glasgow since 2009. She started the club while she was working at The Digital Design Studio at The Glasgow School of Art as an after work project. She began with about 8 friends, a DJ and a bar and the club grew week upon week.


Pete Ballantine
Musical Co-ordinator/Dream-Maker

PB! What can we say about this dude… Pete has been responsible for filling your ears with hundreds and hundreds of musical delights over the last 10 years. Pete creates a custom playlist for us to sketch to EVERY SINGLE WEEK. Did you know that? Pete doesn’t take this role lightly, there are always hidden gems and relevant pieces to be discovered within the weekly line up. We have an archive of the last 10 years, but to save you some time, unless of course you fancy digging deep, subscribe to our playlist here, —> Pete updates it live each week and you’ll get the tunes before the sketchers do! THANKS PETE!