The All The Young Nudes Team

Thanks to these excellent folk, ATYN happens in lots of places, all over the country.

Life Model

Frank is Joanna’s beautiful lurcher and steps in to model regularly at our Sloans sessions. He’s kind of a chilled dude. Also goes by the names of: skin man, skinny boy, bean head, and Frankiestopbarking!

Jen Kennedy ATYN Dundee Staff
Jen Kennedy
Dundee Host

Jen has stepped in alongside Hannah in Dundee just as things are picking up, which is most exciting. Jen is the loveliest of people – Do say hi and get chatting to her if you have any questions at all about the sessions.

Chris Wright ATYN Aberdeen Staff
Chris Wright
Aberdeen Coordinator

Chris is the general manager at BrewDog Castlegate and has taken ATYN on as his baby! He put together a dream team of hosts for our weekly sessions and will be on top of all the model bookings, weekly sessions, special events and anything else you fine people of Aberdeen fancy doing. Chat to Chris! OH – And Chris just casually RAN the West Highland Way (Summer 2016)….Whaddaguy!!

Keira Brown
Edinburgh Host

Keira, when not coordinating Edinburgh’s All The Young Nudes, is one half of cultural review The Fountain and bookseller at The Edinburgh Bookshop. She’s always good for a natter. 

Katy Campbell ATYN Aberdeen Staff
Katy Campbell
Aberdeen Host

Katy is studying Fashion and Textiles at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen. She works in BrewDog Castlegate and will be booking models and welcoming y’all through the door each week on Tuesday nights. Say hey!


Joanna has been running ATYN in Glasgow since 2009. She started the club while she was working at The Digital Design Studio at The Glasgow School of Art as an after work project. She began with about 8 friends, a DJ and a bar and the club grew week upon week.


Hannah Morrison
Dundee Coordinator

Hannah has been holding the fort in Dundee for us each week since the beginning! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Hannah if you would like to attend ATYN Dundee, model for us, or talk about any events. Contact:

Pete Ballantine
Remote Music Conductor
Charli Summers
Glasgow Host

Charli has been working alongside Joanna at ATYN since we started at The Flying Duck in 2009. She works at Compass Gallery through the week and helps out most Monday nights. We’ve had and continue to have so much fun with you each week! Speak to Charli any Monday at nudes about art, drawing, events, your love life….