This is an interesting one. Life modelling. Would you do it? So many people get in touch with us to ask about life modelling, an amazing number in fact. I’m so in awe of their courage! Just get naked in front of a whole room of strangers. Go on. Why not. Argh, the idea petrifies me so much, but maybe less so recently… A lot of people assume that I’ve posed nude in the past since I run these events, but quite the opposite is true. I wouldn’t pose in a room full of people I know and have known for a long time. Maybe it would feel a bit unprofessional, and from that night on, there would be nothing to hide from any of them – ever! That’s scary to me…or something. But I think I would model in a place where I knew no body. Especially if co-worker/life-model/teacher/artist Topaz Pauls was showing me how it’s done!


Topaz is leading the third in our series of life model training workshops this December 9th in Dundee. We ran a couple of workshops earlier in the year and received some amazing feedback. It seems like modelling nude, as part of a group, is a much more appealing prospect for most. Through these sessions, most have been able to realise if posing nude for a group of artists is something they want to work on and develop…or not. It’s a very interesting process for us too – it’s helped us to assess and think about our models a lot more, highlighting their traits and the things that make them unique and interesting to draw.

In the workshops, expect lots of drawing, cake eating, posing nude, good music, good company and hopefully a new string to your bow!

Follow this link to find out some more.

Joanna x