Thank you all for a successful 2nd week of Life Drawing in Edinburgh at The Fringe!

Thank you to Rosie from Whitespace for being lovely and helpful 🙂


Edinburgh sketching during the Festival (with a bangin’ live band!)

The Festival has kicked off and Edinburgh is buzz-a-buzzing. It’s always exciting to be hosting events at this time of year. Every August we are inspired by the energy and excitement that comes with the Fringe festivities – It’s most fun to take you all to new venue spaces and explore new themes and ideas with the sketching! We know it’s a crazy time and appreciate that so many of you have hiked across town to find us at our festival venue. It’s not gone unnoticed! 😉

Neuro Trash! Our skilled live musical sketching companions!

This week, we brought along our friends from Glasgow – Scott, Joe and Fergus from Neuro Trash! Scott spent a year working in the office at ATYN in Glasgow – he is a pure delight and musical genius. I discovered this about him one day when he started playing the harmonium in the office that nobody had touched since we bought it, almost 2 years prior. What a dude! At the time he also told me he was in a band – BOOM! Neuro Trash. We have similar taste in music and he played a couple of Neuro Trash songs whilst we worked. I thought the music was amazingly zen and actually quite perfect to work, or to sketch to. We hosted the whole band at ATYN at Sloans and then The Rum Shack in Glasgow last year, and had such a great response from attendees. The guys LOOK great – They, and their instruments, come in all different shapes, colours and sizes. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch them playing a rusty saw. So much fun to draw. And of course to listen to! So enough bigging up the band – if you’re interested, you must check them out on SoundCloud here and head over to Facebook and give them a like. I like to think of them as our house band. This hasn’t been made official.

A photographic snippet of last night…

Life models…

Our models Aimee and Ricardo flanked the band with style, moving up and down and in between them as they played. The lighting was tricky to get right, but hopefully we created something that worked for our sketching friends!

Thanks again for all who came along. Check out the life drawings from last night right here and send us any more pictures you have a feedback. It would be great to see as always.

Hope to catch you all for sketching with Pilgrim the American Bald Eagle next week on Wedsneday the 16th. Tickets on sale here.

Big love.

ATYN Edinburgh. xx