Hello. Hey! How are you all doing?

We haven’t written for a while. We’ve been snowed under dear sketchers! It’s all your fault… and it’s amazingly flattering. We have literally been inundated with plans, proposals, requests and ideas for collaborations over the last 6 months. Lots of inspirational individuals and organisations want to work with us – and we are of course over the moon, and flattered by it. Our weekly sessions in Glasgow and Edinburgh have been consistently busy. It’s so exciting to see new faces every week, 8 years on… Thanks so much – to you all!

I probably should explain that ATYN is a teeny tiny little organisation. I work as a creative producer through the week for my company Toad’s Caravan Ltd. We work on all sorts of things. One of them is ATYN! We can’t sit still over here at Toad Hall…hence the hectic nature of most things we do. Currently, myself and my brilliant colleague Scott dedicate Fridays to all things ATYN. It’s regular, but my goodness it’s hard to organise what we do across Scotland in one day with an administrative team of two. But we love it, and we get there.

We are ridiculously lucky to have a team of loyal and dedicated hosts and partners in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee. Without these guys ATYN wouldn’t exist. You guys know who you are. Special, special folk. We also have friends and followers in touch every week about opening their own ATYN branches all over the world. We’re talking Chicago, NYC, Berlin and Melbourne! We really, really want to achieve this fellas. Nothing is too ambitious, but we want to ensure that the experience remains the same in each city so we’re taking out time to make sure we get it right. Our main focus right now is Dundee as we’re on the hunt for a new venue. The club was doing amazingly well and we would love to kick off 2017 with a bigger space for our Dundee friends. It’s happening soon guys, just bear with us 😉

So all in all – we’re just saying HEY – We’re thinking about you all, and how to make your drawing experience more fun, more regular and more interesting every week, in all the places you want us to be.

Lots of love and nudity.

Joanna xx