Welcome to Nudes in Action

Our YouTube Channel!

We have only just launched the channel so excuse the sporadic nature of the uploads, but we hope to populate this page with videos from special events gone by, and special life drawing events coming up.

More interestingly, we are going to be posting drawing tips and tutorials here. These lessons will come from myself (Joanna Susskind), Charli Summers and a few more fellow ATYN staff members and colleagues. They will give you their take on models’ poses and their specific drawing approaches. Look out for videos from our life models with tips for your poses or things to think about if you’re considering becoming a life model yourself.

Hopefully this page will be a useful resource. Please get in touch if you would like us to post a tutorial or more information on anything specific. We would also love to post and host videos from our regular sketchers with their views and advice.

Learning and Tutorials

We have put together a collection of handy life drawing tips for all the keen sketchers. The plan is to start filming more of our own with All the Young Nudes sketchers like you!  Get in touch if you would like to play a part.

Animated Life Drawings

We have had fun running animation and life drawing workshops this summer with Recoat Design and as part of the Edinburgh Festival excitement. Using simple animation techniques and tons of creativity we ended up with these vibrant little animations. Check them out!