Hey errybody!

Nice to see you all here. We are quite fed up of this censorship malarky. We’re finding that we’re spending more time trying to get around/bend the rules on Facebook to show you what we’re up to, than anything else at all. Which just feels like a real waste of time to me. As many of you will know, this year is our 10th Anniversary! We are extremely proud of what we’ve achieved and blown away by your support over this time. We’re going to continue to bring you good nudes and good sketching time, so long as there are enough of you who want to draw – that number never seems to die down. For everyone who has been coming along to ATYN for years, we hope to be able to give back to you guys very soon – just give us some time 🙂

Many of you work for yourselves and you know that trying to make money doing something you love can be a real challenge. Here at ATYN we also work on film making, animation, production and we run a creative agency on the side. We LOVE that we can still bring you ATYN, and we love that we can work with so many ex-graduates and new sketchers, artists and models on an ongoing basis. I hope you can appreciate that we aren’t able to spend Monday-Friday, 9-5, on the life drawing…It has always run itself due to popularity. We love escaping work on a Monday/Tuesday night to sketch with all of you. What we do is nothing fancy, just a concept we came up with at art school 10 years ago – drawing in pubs, with yer pals, along to music, no teaching, extremely cheap tickets…good chat, friendship, and the rest. Visuals inspired by the likes of Bowie, Kate Bush, Nirvana… Shapes and images inspired by Audrey Heburn and other iconic heroes of ours… Syd Barrett… This was and always has been our baby.

We’ve employed and trained many folk over the years now – this business started with friendships, and continues to be run by friends and kind people who come along and love what we do, then want to get involved. Of late, a couple of ex-staff and ex-pals have run the other way and started up on their own. There is so much room for life drawing in Glasgow, lots indeed, but we don’t support dishonest people or people who steal from us or betray us. Nor do we support people who undercut us. That’s just bad news. Everything that we do is about collaboration – we’ll work with any artist, any venue, any PERSON who has an idea… We don’t want to compete. But it’s extremely hard when those who know all your methods and your contacts swipe it away from right under you. We can only hope that our loyal followers will stay loyal, and see right through the rest.

We will continue to bring you good chat, good vibes, regular and cheap life drawing, with a variety of models, a custom built playlist, just for you – and we’ll try expose you to some awesome new venues in doing so. Hope to see you all soon – and hope you’re enjoying the sunshine! Lots of love.

Joanna xx